Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Google Earth Live Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking-Silver Cloud

Spy Chest's SilverCloud® Real-Time GPS Tracking System
Month to Month GPS Tracking Plans - No Long Term Tracking Contracts

Remote Live GPS Tracking

View images, maps and street addresses powered by Google. The SilverCloud's GPS Tracking back bone provides easy access for live viewing on your PC or web enabled smart phone. Seeing the action as it happens allows you to have peace of mind knowing where your vehicles, assets, employees or loved ones are now.

Alerts - Arrival, Departure, Speeding and Low Battery

Speed, Arrival, Departure and Low Battery Alerts via SMS and Email can provide critical information when you may not be watching or viewing mobility. A SMS text alert allows you to stay informed about the things that matter most to you or your business.

Online Reporting

Simple and detailed driving activity reports with mileage logs. Comprehensive tools within the online control panel allows you to generate reports and analyze the travel habits of your vehicles. See what routes were taken and how many miles the vehicles traveled and more with the SilverCloud GPS Tracker.

User Friendly Browser Access

SilverCloud GPS Tracker's Online user friendly interface makes it easy to remotely locate your vehicles on the map with fast loading times. With the browser based Silver Cloud GPS Tracker online, you can access Silver Cloud GPS Tracker from any type of computer or internet enabled mobile device. See live GPS tracking data online anytime.

Share GPS Location with Anyone

With Silver Cloud GPS Tracker you have a secured administration area and the ability to share your vehicle's GPS position to your friends and family. Sharing GPS locations are also ideal for any form of public transportation such as airport shuttles, taxis or school buses to allow customers to see the GPS location of their vehicle.

Simultaneous 2D and 3D Real Time Tracking and Historical Playback

Simultaneous 2D and 3D gives a better perspective to see the surrounding area and where the vehicle is heading. This feature allows you to see 2 different views of the asset or assets you are tracking. Clear location of live tracking and historical playback is a simple click away.

Spy Chest - Polarion Abyss Searchlight Before & After Pictures

Check out our Polarion Abyss Dual Xenon HID 
Searchlight-Flashlight at 100 yards distance! 
A remarkable 4,500 lumens from handheld portable light!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Polarion Dual Abyss HID Searchlight-Flashlight

The Polarion Abyss U2 Xenon HID (High Intensity Discharge) Abyss Searchlight/Flashlight/Dive Light provides a superior illumination solution for military, law enforcement, and search/rescue teams to name a few applications. The portable military-grade Polarion Abyss searchlight may also be used as a scuba dive/diving light or security patrol light. High strength aluminum and precision manufacturing ensures rugged water-tight exceptional performance up to 100m (330ft). The specially designed and scientifically engineered reflector reduces loss of lumens while providing more actual useable light than other products in the market today. The Polarion Abyss ' dual power ballast provides both 30/45-Watt - Max Luminous Flux 3000 lumens at (30w)/4500 lumens at (45w). 

The Polarion Abyss is a precision manufactured portable search light with extremely high quality. Highest standards and strict quality control ensures reliable long term use even under the harshest conditions often experienced during critical missions. 

The Polarion Abyss Dual Power HID Underwater/Dive Searchlight won the ScubaLabs 2011 Tester's Choice for Big Primary dive lights!

The Polarion Abyss performs when you need it most!

Optional Accessories: Color Filters, Infrared (IR) Filters, UV Filter, Hard Case, 12v Vehicle/Car Charger

Polarion Light Applications:

 Mark 1 police swat fire fighter forestry beach patrol night reaper crew served weapon light IR filterinfrared FEMA emergency hurricane forest service abyss xenon ledAmerica Lights Fire PH50 United States U2 Polarion searchlight Helios flashlight spotlight light law enforcement military CSWL border control hunting Africa USA Europe Asia HID marine coast guard search and rescue