Friday, February 24, 2012

Nanny Hidden Cameras

A very effective way to protect businesses, households and other buildings is to install a cc tv surveillance camera system to provide full coverage of video protection around your property. The recorded footage is then used to identify and prosecute criminals. The cc tv systems are great deterrent against crimes, but what if that doesn’t stop a criminal. That is where spy hidden cameras play a vital role in video surveillance. Hidden cameras are most often hidden in everyday household items or you can hide the hidden cameras in specific items yourself using a HD button camera DVR system. Typical household items you can purchase with built in hidden cameras include products like Pen HiddenCamera, Motion Activated Alarm Clock Radio Camera, Light Switch Camera, ACAdaptor Camera, Air Purifier Camera and Tissue Box Camera to name just a few products available with hidden cameras.
 The use of hidden cameras is great for recording secret activities, especially in capturing illegal activities and unlawful acts. Police and private detectives use spy hidden cameras to investigate subjects of interest.  Nanny cameras are another description for hidden cameras. But nanny hidden cameras come in products like a teddy bear hidden camera sitting a on a shelf in a child’s room to capture possibly negligence or abuse by caretaker. When children are too young to speak up for themselves, protect them with hidden cameras for peace of mind.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spy Chest's Black Box Car Camera TV Commercial

Dual View Vehicle Black Box Car Camera - Spy Chest's DR-200 Vehicle Black Box Car Camera is a complete turn-key vehicle monitoring package. With its dual cameras for exterior and interior video recording, speed, G-force, GPS Tracking, interior infrared and interior audio, it is one powerful dual view car camera. This car camera system in used by police, fire, investigators, ambulance, taxi-cabs, fleet trucking and everyday consumers. The DR-200 Black Box Car Camera is great for recording road rage, distracted drivers and teen drivers. Click on link below for complete information and additional video showing camera in use in day light; as well as night driving.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Car Cameras Should be Used to Help Lower Insurance Premiums

One key reason for insurance premium increases is the rise in 'cash for crash' fraudulent claims. Some drivers are now unlawfully benefiting from staging accidents or purposely causing accidents. These fraudulent drivers then benefit from insurance payouts, which in turn drive up the cost of insurance premiums for honest and law abiding citizens.

In light of this fraud there is technology available to honest drivers, which are commonly known as in car cameras. These small cameras are fitted to the windshield of the vehicle and record the road ahead, inside the car and provide the driver with vital evidence should they become involved in an accident. Vehicle Black Box Car Camera even records the vehicle speed, GPS location and G-forces of the vehicle with an accelerometer to display the exact forces of the vehicle before, during and after a crash. What's more these car cameras cost $299.

The benefit of such technology is that a driver can quickly submit the evidence of an accident claim to their insurance company. Without this vital evidence it can take many weeks to assign fault when two drivers are arguing over the accident.

Insurance companies have known about these 'black box' type of systems for many years.

What shocks the everyday driver is that insurance companies don't openly offer any saving to drivers for using in car cameras. This is surprising as there are clear benefits of using the in car camera DVR.

If a CC TV system can help to lower commercial buildings insurance, why can't a car camera in a car do the same?? More action is needed from insurance companies.

If they offer savings to drivers, more drivers will use these devices, which will help to enhance road safety, will prevent dishonest drivers from abusing their insurance policies and which will in turn help to lower car and vehicle insurance premiums once again.

Does one need a Car Camera? offers the DR-200 Vehicle Black Box Car Camera which will record what happens outside (front view) and inside the car (driver and passengers). It not only gives you high quality video and audio, but the exact GPS location of any incident, using Google Maps integration. Which is essential for police evidence, the time and date is also recorded.

Traffic Tickets

If you are accused of running a red light, you have dated and timed proof to prove your innocence.

The camera also records driving speeds so that you can have proof of the speed you were travelling. If you aren't the one driving the car, again you have a video of the inside of the car so your license doesn't get penalized.

Car Accidents

No matter how careful you are when out on the road the same can't be said for other drivers. If someone for cuts you off for example, causing an accident, you would be able to show the true story via your car camera video recording to law enforcement.

If you are in a car accident the impact triggers the camera to record a new file on the SD card, marking it as G-force sensor recording. This file is not overwritten like normal files, but only when the card is reformatted on your computer.

If a child or animal steps straight out in front of you without warning, you would want to be able to prove you weren't negligent or distracted, wouldn't you?

The minimal cost of protection for a car camera would be worth it when you consider months of law cases or the stress of being wrongly accused.


If you employ sales reps, fleet drivers or are one yourself the car camera could be invaluable for recording your journey for your protection in any number of situations.

Inappropriate Behavior

Many of you will remember the episode of The Simpsons when Homer reaches for a gummy bear that had stuck to the bottom of a lady who he was giving a lift to. He pulled it free without thinking and had the whole town after him for inappropriate behavior. When giving a work colleague or baby sitter a lift home or picking up a hitch hiker or maybe picking up the neighbors children from school, how it would be if you were accused unjustly of inappropriate behavior? Not many car cameras record what is going on inside the car and this could be the protection you might need one day.

Teenage Children

We all know that some teenagers may not be as responsible as they could be when borrowing the family car. The recordings would show you straight away if they are driving while texting, drinking alcohol, speeding or filling the car up with rowdy friends!

The car camera not only runs when the ignition is on, but it can be hard wired to run continuously to record damage to a parked car.

You can probably think of a number of other things that might happen that you need protection for. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Spy Surveillance: Hidden Camera -

Spy Surveillance: Hidden Camera -

Disguised in many forms including pens, eyeglasses, alarm clock radios, Bluetooth earpieces, iPod chargers and cellphones; a hidden camera secretly records all events and activities within its view. Moreover, these cams are widely utilized for commercial as well as industrial security purposes. Depending on user requirements, these cameras can be availed in wired as well as wireless types. Assuring easy mounting and installation, wireless hidden cams have gained prominence in the market today.

A hidden camera can be installed in every corner of the area of responsibility for varied surveillance activities. A hidden camera is an efficient defensive and surveillance device used in residential, commercial and corporate sectors. It makes the process of identifying and recognizing the suspects in case of theft or other criminal activities very easy. Integrated in common items, a hidden camera is not easily noticed by people, and thus, is widely used for varied surveillance activities. These hidden cameras are extensively used by detectives and secret agents, who are indulged in secretive operations.

Replacing the traditional spy gadget devices, a mini hidden camera is a compact surveillance device that is prominently used by journalists and news reporters. These individuals are engaged in disclosing illicit activities of various influential people of the society. Various agencies make use of these cameras during sting operations to reveal the true faces of the corrupt individuals. The most advanced mini hidden camera available in the market today delivers unmatched video and audio quality of the recorded conversations. These durable devices with easy installation features assure trouble free operations. These high-tech cameras are easy to operate and do not require any special knowledge for their error-free operations.

Like other surveillance equipment, hidden camera is also available in wired and wireless form. Depending upon the surveillance needs, users can choose from the two variants available in the market. Attached to a wire, the wired hidden cameras are connected to a DVR for recording purposes. On the other hand, wireless hidden cameras assure hassle free operations. Easy to carry, these wired and wireless devices can be purchased online. has wide array of hidden cameras for both the consumer and government application. The prices of these cameras vary according to their features and specifications. A high tech device with advanced features may cost more as compared to another having fewer ones.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Car Camera Uses Explained

DR-200 Car Camera Video-Speed-GPS location Software Playback Example

In today’s world, security is a serious issue that needs attention. While we are often quick to secure our homes with security alarm systems and CC TV cameras DVR systems, we do not do the same with our cars. The car is a place that we spend a considerable amount of time, and a place where accidents can occur and road rage can be experienced or witnessed. Car crime is also on the rise across the world. Do you worry about yourself or your family when they are in the car? In car security, car cameras are fast catching on around the world as an effective safety/security measure.

There are a lot of benefits for using some kind or in car camera dvr system. First and foremost the system can be running when you are driving, but secondly it can continue to work the car is parked if so desired. Having video footage can be important in insurance claims too. They have been known to considerably reduce the time spent claiming for an accident as they are able to show the event as it happens. In particular, car cameras can act as witnesses to any accident that occurs. Having the car camera working while the car is parked is an excellent way to help move disputes and accident damage claims along. Have you ever come back to your parked car to discover there is a scratch or a dent? If a camera was operating you would be able to see what happened and more importantly your insurance claim can be processed quicker.

Taxi-cab drivers in particular can greatly benefit from having in car camera in their vehicles. Picking up passengers later in the evening, perhaps after a night fueled by alcohol can place drivers in a dangerous position. Having a car camera can provide that extra bit of security in these situations. With a car camera clearly displayed on windshield, you will be able to document a situation if you come in contact with any dangerous or threatening behavior you can have something solid to take to the police as evidence.

If you want to buy a car camera then the best route to take is first to decide what you are want it for specifically. There are many factors you will want to consider such as the length of running time and the position of the camera in the vehicle. If you have one facing forwards then the front of the vehicle can be recorded. If you want it facing the interior of the vehicle then this will be recorded.

A popular type of camera for the car is’s DR-200Dual-View Black Box Car Camera that is designed to be stuck onto the windshield. It can record both outside the car and inside too so it would work well for taxi drivers. It is also perfect for insurance reasons as it can capture any accidents or problems as they happen. This can be helpful when it comes to making a claim and can move the case along much more quickly. 

Track Your Teen with Car GPS tracking

Track Your Teen with Car GPS tracking

GPS tracking for cars isn't just for the police and government agencies - it is available to parents too. Consumers of all sorts have been getting their hands on this GPS tracking technology and have been implementing it in their leisure activities, in their jobs, and in the home. There is so much GPS can do for people that they are finally getting wise and putting it to good use!

One very interesting application of GPS tracking in the home is the use of a device in a car to monitor teen driving habits.

When parents let their teenager drive a car there are tons of things they have to think about. Will they drive safely? Will other drivers be driving safely around my teen? Who will be in the car with my teen to influence their driving behavior?

We can answer these questions when we are in the car with them, but what about when we can't been there? What about when they are driving home late at night from a friend’s house? Or coming home after the high school basketball game? Who is going to monitor their driving then?

GPS tracking for cars can, that is who.

Using GPS to monitor you teen's driving habits boils down to one word: safety. Teenage drivers have the highest crash risk per mile traveled when compared with drivers in other age groups. The problem is worst among 16 year-olds, probably because they have the least amount of time behind the wheel and are prone to risk taking behavior because of their immaturity.

GPS tracking for cars can help with this if parents are willing to use this tool to prevent unsafe driving practices and enforce parental oversight on their teen's driving habits.

This would probably look something like this: A concerned parent installs a GPS tracking device from in their teen's car. The parent goes into great detail with their teenager how they are expected to drive, what it means to drive safely, how to drive safely, and all the other important vehicle safety information the parent can think of. This is much, much more than simply asking your teen to take a driver’s education class. It will involve a significant time commitment on your part where you spend hours behind the wheel with your teen instructing them in the safe operation of a vehicle.

Then, after doing this, you outline your expectations on how and when they should drive. Tell them that are not allowed to speed, have 3 or more passengers in the car, and can only drive at night under the strictest of conditions. Then you need to set up some consequences for them if they fail to adhere to these driving guidelines. It should be a graded system where severe or consistent infractions result in ever increasing restrictions on their driving privileges.

Now that you have taught your teen to drive safely and have set up guidelines for how to use the car, it is time to let the vehicle GPS tracker do the rest. Simply monitor your teenager's driving habits and when the break one of the rules - like break too fast, accelerate too fast, speed, or even idle the car for too long (yes, some GPS tracking devices for cars do let you know all of this information) - subject them to the consequences.

This is just old-school parenting combined with new technology. GPS tracking for cars can provide parents with the information needed to make informed choices about how to monitor their teen's driving behavior. Safety is synonymous with GPS tracking for cars.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Use of various Spy Cameras for Home & Business from

Use of various Spy Cameras for Home & Business from 

These days spy cameras can be fitted into all kinds of items and placed in strategic positions around the house in an attempt to catch a cheating spouse, thieving handyman, or lazy nanny who has no clue they are being watched. Some people don't like the idea of watching the activities of others without them knowing, in effect spying, but if you want to find out who it is stealing from your savings stash or cookie jar then this might be the only way you are going to catch them. Here are a few of the most interesting items available on the market that incorporates a hidden camera.

Perfect if you want to record activity without the person knowing about it, are the micro HD DVR spy cameras that come no bigger than your thumb. Complete with sound activated recording and long battery life, they have the ability to record hours of full color video at 60 frames per second. They can easily be hidden in the palm of your hand and used to discreetly record a conversation without raising suspicion. A pinhole spy camera is another type of mini camera that can be installed in all sorts of ingenious places where larger cameras will be seen or discovered. Place it in a cigarette packet, purse, and drawer or anywhere it won't be noticed and let it do its work.

How about a spy pen for an innovative and unique place to hide a spy camera? Looks just like any other pen but can record 3 hours of VGA video with audio at 30 frames per second on to an internal memory of 4GB. Images are recorded with the date and time imprinted on them and the color video with voice allows you to identify exactly who is there and hear the conversation. This type of DVR camera is the perfect solution for undercover work or if you have to interview someone but don't want them to be intimidated by the presence of the camera. Make sure you don't lend your pen out to anyone though and then forget to take it back!

In car security systems are great if you want to ensure your car is fully protected against vandalism and can provide evidence if required for an insurance claim. There are a few different options to choose from, including a in car camera DVR that can power themselves from a cigarette lighter adapter or direct from the battery.

If you drive a taxi or have a taxi firm then invest in a incar camera DVR as they enable you to capture video or images of either road situations outside the vehicle or passengers inside the vehicle. Perfect for insurance purposes or calming down aggressive passengers they can be facilitated as evidence for the insurance or the police.

Button Camera Digital video recorders/DVRs are standalone units with built in hard drive. They have the ability to record fine quality footage, for long periods of time. The Button Camera DVR can time and date stamp the footage.

The range of spy cameras and Button DVR cameras on is extensive and is a leading supplier of all types of surveillance international. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Increasing Use of Car Cameras in vehicles and commercial fleets

Increasing Use of Car Cameras in vehicles and commercial fleets

When it comes to car security, people generally think of car alarms and real-time GPS tracking devices for providing a sense of security. But what many people do not know is that car cameras are equally effective protecting you in recording accident for insurance claims or falsely accused of distracted driving.’s car cameras can be directly installed on virtually any windshield on most vehicles including  personal car/vehicles, commercial fleets, police, taxi cabs, fire departments and ambulances to name a few. The video footage produced by these cameras is of high quality and can be used to solve tangled insurance cases.

Features of the In Car Camera DVR systems from

Some of the distinguishing features of car cameras:
  •         They come packed with a file overwriting feature. This means older file records are automatically replaced by newer ones.
  •         The video footage can be played back on any computer with corresponding software.  
  •         Power cord can be directly attached to the lighter of the car or optional hard wire kit
  •         In Car Camera’s also work as evidence for solving complex insurance cases involving car thefts or road accidents.
  •         The car camera video footage can work as indisputable proof in all driving related cases.  
  •         The car camera DVR can also double up as evidence for law enforcement.’s car cameras can easily be installed within minutes by practically anyone. The frame rates provided by the vehicle DVRs are generally around 15-30 frames per second and they typically come with a built-in recorder-DVR to store images for a long period of time on SD card. In Car Cameras Used in Police Cars

This is what the International Association of Chiefs of Police has to say about in car cameras used in police vehicles - "It has become another valued tool in an officer's arsenal that confirms and assures the high degree of professionalism they demonstrate daily in the performance of their duties." The feed obtained from these cameras have played a prominent role in solving hundreds of cases each year, besides serving as training tutorials for various police academies. These car cameras also instill confidence in the general public and work as a shield against any abuse at the hands of the police.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

GPS Tracking units and Child's Safety provides assortment of real-time 
and logging GPS tracking devices providing you with 
peace of mind and safety for your children.

               GPS Tracker - Silver Cloud

   Check out YouTube video about SilverCloud GPS Tracker! provides assortment of real-time and logging GPS tracking devices providing you with a peace of mind and safety for your children.
Has your child obtained a driving license recently? Of course you are probably constantly worried if they are driving safely. And you also wonder where they go with your vehicle. There is a little piece of modern technology that can help parents who are worried about whereabouts of their children and vehicles - it is called a GPS tracking system from
With today’s latest GPS tracking technology you can accurately know where your car is at any given time, its speed, direction and many other cool features.’s GPS tracking systems benefits you in many ways:
  • Knowing the location of your children
  • Monitoring your kids driving skills and habits
  • Easy to find a car if it has been stolen
  • Safety of your teenage kids
  • Set geo-fencing parameters for alerts for arrivals and departures of certain locations GPS tracking devices are important for your kid's safety
We all know that young drivers are often at risk. They are less experienced and more arrogant than those who have been driving for many years. Teenagers are more likely to take unnecessary risks and drive at high speeds. But luckily for you, you can monitor their speed as well as direction. GPS tracking trackers offer speed monitoring. So you will always know if your kids don't obey the road rules.

Also, if their car breaks down or there is an accident, GPS tracker system will allow you find them. Even if your child has no idea where he or she is, GPS tracking will give you an accurate location usually within feet of their location. You can receive the data from the tracking system to your home computer or even an web enabled mobile smartphone in real time.
Knowing where your kids are and where they have been
And of course, the main function of GPS tracking system is to tell you the exact location of your child's car. So if, for example, you don't want them to drive certain busy and dangerous roads or go to certain places, you will know if they go there or not. This way he or she can't say that they go to the city library to study, but go to a party instead.

GPS tracking installation

Most systems are small and easy to install. Most are roughly size of a smartphone and are usually powered by a chargeable battery or easily permanent install to vehicle for ease of mind.
Should you tell your kids that there is a GPS tracking device in their car or not?
Tracking other people cars without the knowledge of the owner is illegal, but that doesn't apply to parents tracking their kids. It is best retain the advice of legal counsel regarding issues pertaining GPS tracking on personal vehicles. However, it might be a good idea to tell your teens that you are installing a tracking device for their safety. Driving habits tend to improve when monitoring is implemented. If you install it secretly and your child finds out that he or she has been tracked, they will never believe it is for their own good.

Check out for today’s latest technology for GPS tracking systems for your personal and commercial applications.