Thursday, February 16, 2012

Car Camera Uses Explained

DR-200 Car Camera Video-Speed-GPS location Software Playback Example

In today’s world, security is a serious issue that needs attention. While we are often quick to secure our homes with security alarm systems and CC TV cameras DVR systems, we do not do the same with our cars. The car is a place that we spend a considerable amount of time, and a place where accidents can occur and road rage can be experienced or witnessed. Car crime is also on the rise across the world. Do you worry about yourself or your family when they are in the car? In car security, car cameras are fast catching on around the world as an effective safety/security measure.

There are a lot of benefits for using some kind or in car camera dvr system. First and foremost the system can be running when you are driving, but secondly it can continue to work the car is parked if so desired. Having video footage can be important in insurance claims too. They have been known to considerably reduce the time spent claiming for an accident as they are able to show the event as it happens. In particular, car cameras can act as witnesses to any accident that occurs. Having the car camera working while the car is parked is an excellent way to help move disputes and accident damage claims along. Have you ever come back to your parked car to discover there is a scratch or a dent? If a camera was operating you would be able to see what happened and more importantly your insurance claim can be processed quicker.

Taxi-cab drivers in particular can greatly benefit from having in car camera in their vehicles. Picking up passengers later in the evening, perhaps after a night fueled by alcohol can place drivers in a dangerous position. Having a car camera can provide that extra bit of security in these situations. With a car camera clearly displayed on windshield, you will be able to document a situation if you come in contact with any dangerous or threatening behavior you can have something solid to take to the police as evidence.

If you want to buy a car camera then the best route to take is first to decide what you are want it for specifically. There are many factors you will want to consider such as the length of running time and the position of the camera in the vehicle. If you have one facing forwards then the front of the vehicle can be recorded. If you want it facing the interior of the vehicle then this will be recorded.

A popular type of camera for the car is’s DR-200Dual-View Black Box Car Camera that is designed to be stuck onto the windshield. It can record both outside the car and inside too so it would work well for taxi drivers. It is also perfect for insurance reasons as it can capture any accidents or problems as they happen. This can be helpful when it comes to making a claim and can move the case along much more quickly.