Thursday, February 9, 2012

Use of various Spy Cameras for Home & Business from

Use of various Spy Cameras for Home & Business from 

These days spy cameras can be fitted into all kinds of items and placed in strategic positions around the house in an attempt to catch a cheating spouse, thieving handyman, or lazy nanny who has no clue they are being watched. Some people don't like the idea of watching the activities of others without them knowing, in effect spying, but if you want to find out who it is stealing from your savings stash or cookie jar then this might be the only way you are going to catch them. Here are a few of the most interesting items available on the market that incorporates a hidden camera.

Perfect if you want to record activity without the person knowing about it, are the micro HD DVR spy cameras that come no bigger than your thumb. Complete with sound activated recording and long battery life, they have the ability to record hours of full color video at 60 frames per second. They can easily be hidden in the palm of your hand and used to discreetly record a conversation without raising suspicion. A pinhole spy camera is another type of mini camera that can be installed in all sorts of ingenious places where larger cameras will be seen or discovered. Place it in a cigarette packet, purse, and drawer or anywhere it won't be noticed and let it do its work.

How about a spy pen for an innovative and unique place to hide a spy camera? Looks just like any other pen but can record 3 hours of VGA video with audio at 30 frames per second on to an internal memory of 4GB. Images are recorded with the date and time imprinted on them and the color video with voice allows you to identify exactly who is there and hear the conversation. This type of DVR camera is the perfect solution for undercover work or if you have to interview someone but don't want them to be intimidated by the presence of the camera. Make sure you don't lend your pen out to anyone though and then forget to take it back!

In car security systems are great if you want to ensure your car is fully protected against vandalism and can provide evidence if required for an insurance claim. There are a few different options to choose from, including a in car camera DVR that can power themselves from a cigarette lighter adapter or direct from the battery.

If you drive a taxi or have a taxi firm then invest in a incar camera DVR as they enable you to capture video or images of either road situations outside the vehicle or passengers inside the vehicle. Perfect for insurance purposes or calming down aggressive passengers they can be facilitated as evidence for the insurance or the police.

Button Camera Digital video recorders/DVRs are standalone units with built in hard drive. They have the ability to record fine quality footage, for long periods of time. The Button Camera DVR can time and date stamp the footage.

The range of spy cameras and Button DVR cameras on is extensive and is a leading supplier of all types of surveillance international.