Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Increasing Use of Car Cameras in vehicles and commercial fleets

Increasing Use of Car Cameras in vehicles and commercial fleets

When it comes to car security, people generally think of car alarms and real-time GPS tracking devices for providing a sense of security. But what many people do not know is that car cameras are equally effective protecting you in recording accident for insurance claims or falsely accused of distracted driving.’s car cameras can be directly installed on virtually any windshield on most vehicles including  personal car/vehicles, commercial fleets, police, taxi cabs, fire departments and ambulances to name a few. The video footage produced by these cameras is of high quality and can be used to solve tangled insurance cases.

Features of the In Car Camera DVR systems from

Some of the distinguishing features of car cameras:
  •         They come packed with a file overwriting feature. This means older file records are automatically replaced by newer ones.
  •         The video footage can be played back on any computer with corresponding software.  
  •         Power cord can be directly attached to the lighter of the car or optional hard wire kit
  •         In Car Camera’s also work as evidence for solving complex insurance cases involving car thefts or road accidents.
  •         The car camera video footage can work as indisputable proof in all driving related cases.  
  •         The car camera DVR can also double up as evidence for law enforcement.’s car cameras can easily be installed within minutes by practically anyone. The frame rates provided by the vehicle DVRs are generally around 15-30 frames per second and they typically come with a built-in recorder-DVR to store images for a long period of time on SD card. In Car Cameras Used in Police Cars

This is what the International Association of Chiefs of Police has to say about in car cameras used in police vehicles - "It has become another valued tool in an officer's arsenal that confirms and assures the high degree of professionalism they demonstrate daily in the performance of their duties." The feed obtained from these cameras have played a prominent role in solving hundreds of cases each year, besides serving as training tutorials for various police academies. These car cameras also instill confidence in the general public and work as a shield against any abuse at the hands of the police.